Are mushrooms grown from horse turd?

June 19, 2014

Question by ♫яєαℓ єуєѕ яєαℓιzє яєαℓ ℓιєѕ☆ ™: Are mushrooms grown from horse turd?
ok so i’ve heard that mushrooms are grown from horse turd. is that true? if it is true then i will NEVER eat mushrooms again. i really like mushrooms tho but i dont wan2 eat sumthin that is grown out of horse poo!

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Answer by Jay on the coast
some mushrooms grow out of horse manure some grow out of cow paddies and still some grow from sheep turds, but many varieties don’t grow out of animal manure.

Why are you so put off by food growing from turds, don’t you understand that for thousands and thousands of years horse manure was used to grow fruits and vegetables, today it is still one of the most wanted fertilizers for organic fruits and vegetables.

Grow up and learn the facts before you act.

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