duel pronged mushroom question?

June 22, 2014

Question by Josh H: duel pronged mushroom question?
first of all I’m looking for mushroom recipes. using different types of mushrooms

second of all

where do I get different types of mushrooms. around Gainesville GA U can’t get but one kind. and I can’t online shop. so what do I do. I love mushrooms

last but not least how do you keep mushrooms fresh for months at a time.

thats it
thank you

Best answer:

Answer by afsm666
many stores carry different types of mushrooms now. If the one you usually shop at don’t, try another. Also look for dried mushrooms (the only ones I know of that keep for months). You re-hydrate them (and can add flavor by using something other than water—like a good wine) for a while before using them in your recipes. Try shitake mushrooms that have re-hydrated in bourbon (or red wine) with your steak.

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