How much does morel mushrooms cost?

June 21, 2014

Question by d-stan1987: How much does morel mushrooms cost?
I thought about starting a morel mushroom farm. So I could sell the mushrooms for a little extra cash. I thought it would be interesting to grow them. I just need a general idea of how much they cost. If you have ever bought them or seen them in a store then please tell me how much they cost.

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Answer by The Unknown Chef
Morels are not a cultivate type of mushroom they wild forest one and grow in moist coastal area, and are best after a forest fire has ravaged the forest floor, I am a former chef and have used them fresh, frozen and in dried form both whole and powders for in pasta’s and sauces. They run $ 15-25.00 a pound, now you can cultivate shiitake mushroom in a regular type environment or outdoors on seed logs, you just have to fence them in or the deer with consume them.

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