Need help with a different vegetarian food?

June 18, 2014

Question by _ii0hgee: Need help with a different vegetarian food?
I need something different guys? My body is weak an I get really sick on eating meat an dairy so I might be a vegan but I’m a rookie? I’ve been surviving on soy milk,nuts, beans an so far this whole week I only ate peanut better with oat meal oats an 2 slices of bread with water? All week morning as breakfast an dinner I don’t eat lunch but I’m really weak right now I’m going in for a b12 shot tomorrow an I lost 12lbs now I feel dizzy an thirsty now? I tried eating some meat but I tend to throw it back up so I quit on meat now! I need help but my doctor is a bit booked? What should I do? I need some thing different to eat besides peanut butter an oat meal oats with 2 slices of bread? I want to buy tofu but my local store doesn’t have them an I live in a small town so I probably have to go out of town to but tofu an other foods? I want something sugary but my body won’t take it in so had nothing but water an peanut butter sandwiches all week an a half? Need something else to eat please?

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Answer by FruityDreams
You need some fruit. Blueberries, watermelon and sunflower seeds are what I prescribe for you.

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