What is mushroom bruising?

June 23, 2014

Question by heyletsgosmokeweed: What is mushroom bruising?
This may sound like quite a stupid question, but what exactly does bruising a mushroom mean? I know that if you take a little chunk of a mushroom off the cap, then sometimes a color will derive, which is the way I usually do it, but exactly what does bruising mean..?
I’ve been doing quite a bit of hunting recently, and even though I’ve been successful, I think this might help me out quite a bit.

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Answer by David R
If you treat mushrooms harshly, knocking them against a hard surface, for example, they will “bruise”. Mushrooms contain a great deal of moisture and when they are bruised, the moisture will flow to the area of the bruising, causing the mushroom to become soft and not good to eat. So take care with your mushrooms and handle them gently.


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